Senior Photography

The REAL DIFFERENCE is our emphasis on variety, individuality and FUN. 
Your portrait session will be as memorable as the portraits themselves... 
something for everyone no matter your style.

Indoors on classical or contemporary backgrounds. 
Outdoors in a garden setting. By our waterfall. In our old barn.
Our "around the town" shoot to find unique and fun spots for photos that are really different! 
With your pet. With a friend. Sports. Hobbies. Collections. 
The possibilities are endless!

Plus we will individualize your portraits with black and white, sepia,
spot color and other digital extras for a session like no one else.

Also exciting options like custom framing, invitations, 
Multi-image collages  and Your Personal Yearbook.

  All Around Town
Custom Announcements
Digitial Age
Displaying Your Portraits
Multi-Image Collages
Photo Park Fun
Portrait Styles...B&W
Portrait Styles...Browntone
Portrait Styles...Antique Pastel
Senior Girl Suggestions
Senior Guy Suggestions
Senior Wallets
Tradition With A Twist
Your Personal Yearbook
Call us today! Your portraits will be priceless and the fun is free!